24 hours.

in Sant Joan

If you only have one day to visit Sant Joan d’Alacant we offer you to start the day having breakfast at the Churrería San Juan.

Then we recommend a visit to the Parish Church of San Juan Bautista, one of the most important heritage elements of Sant Joan d’Alacant.

Follow your route

through the food market

Local products

But if you want to buy local products, a good place to visit is Sant Joan food market,

Typical gastronomic products

Here you can buy typical gastronomic products and have lunch in the canteen. You can also have a snack in the nearby bars.
Plaza España, City Hall. 1984 (Sant Joan d’Alacant)


If you still want to continue discovering Sant Joan, we invite you to take a short route along the Lloixa and Colada de Coix paths.

So much activity must have made you hungry, so we invite you now to go to lunch, you can do it in the restaurant called El Patio de San Juan, in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoying the typical Mediterranean cuisine. If you want to eat in the center, another option is to eat at La Amstelería.

Clock House

Walking and dining

In the afternoon, you can stroll through the commercial zone where you will find all kinds of establishments and have a bite to eat in the bars in the center of town such as El Nonno, Los Hierros, La Rambla or El 4 Duros. An afternoon of shopping will have made you hungry so we recommend dining at the Duetto.


And after dinner, what better than a drink to end such an intense day. If you are in the mood for a Chill Out atmosphere we recommend the Black Coffee. Another option is to visit the Irish pubs: the St. John or the St. Patricks. If you like Jazz, definitely visit El Refugio. If, on the other hand, you are a Rock lover, a good option will be El Euterpe.


And if you feel like dancing or an atmosphere with more commercial music, you can go to Danzáa Club or Coimbra Pub. A good drink in one of our pubs to end the day, never hurts, while you start planning your next visit with us.


in Sant Joan

If you are tired you can spend the night with us. You have an interesting and varied tourist offer adaptable to your needs. If you wish to stay in a central location in the town, we recommend you theHotel Villa de San Juan***, located in the Plaza de la Constitución, in the heart of the commercial area, and close to the bus stop of line 23, and the cab rank. It is also located five minutes walk from the old town, and five minutes drive from the beaches of San Juan and Muchavista.

If you wish, on the other hand, to stay in the outskirts, we recommend you to stay in a typical manor house built in the XVII or XVIII centuries in the middle of the orchard, Hotel Torre de San Juan***. You also have the option of resting at the Santa Faz game, on theHotel Santa Faz***, next to the bus stop, a few minutes from the center of Sant Joan. Another interesting option is the Complex San Juan Grupo PSN, located very close to the MunicipalPark. Another option is offered in theHotel Abril***, located on the N-332 very close to its service area, and halfway between Sant Joan, El Campello and the beach.