Mount Calvari

At the western end of Sant Joan d’Alacant, you will find Mount Calvari, one of the most unique enclaves in the municipality. This promontory high above the coastal depression constitutes an extraordinary viewpoint from which you can see Camp d’Alacant. From its 101 meters above sea level you can see some of the most important geographical landmarks of the province. The park is conditioned as a recreational area. It has picnic areas to have a picnic and enjoy the views. The vegetation of the area is shrubby and has a pine forest at its southern end.

Tourist map Sant Joan d’Alacant

La Coix Recreational Area

The Coix Forest Park, located to the west of the municipal area, is an area made up of different terraces of ancient crops that currently house a Mediterranean forest. Its recreational area has tables, water, shade, a recycling point and a viewpoint.

Dry River Bed

This part of the river, as its name indicates, is partially dry most of the year, constituting a good example of what is called river-rambla. Thanks to the continued contribution of surplus water from the treatment plant, a minimum water flow rate is currently maintained all year round.

La Concepción and Manzaneta Gardens

This wonderful park is located on the Sant Joan sidewalk, in the section belonging to Hernán Cortés street. Originally the gardens were part of the La Concepción and Manzaneta estates, two beautiful buildings from the 18th century that were conceived as typical homes of the Huerta Alicantina, and which in the 19th century were transformed into bourgeois homes. It is the most picturesque enclave of Sant Joan d’Alacant, thanks to the spectacular nature of the monumental tree specimens, along with the charm of the buildings.

Tourist map Sant Joan d’Alacant

Singular Trees

The safeguarding of the Landscape involves the protection of the natural and cultural heritage of the territory, which is why it helps to preserve the identity manifestations of a population. The tree is undoubtedly a cultural symbol and symbol of union between man and nature, and it is common to find centenary specimens of high significance in municipalities due to their great historical, cultural and social value. To raise awareness among the population of Sant Joan d’Alacant, the Catalog of Unique Trees and Shrubs has been created with the aim of alleviating the attacks that this living heritage can suffer.

Common Birds

The City Council of Sant Joan d’Alacant, through environmental awareness, fights for the survival of common birds, with special attention to the common martin – Delichon urbicum, since these birds consume up to 1000 insects daily, reporting a very interesting benefit to agriculture , such as stopping pests in crops, the Catalog of Singular Trees and Shrubs has been created with the aim of alleviating the attacks that this living heritage can suffer. In addition to the protectionist practice of threatened species, the maintenance of the biological units present in our area is pursued, because the quality of life of the population depends on biodiversity, where the coexistence of these species in society is a reality.