Torres De La Huerta

Salafranca Tower

Walking along the Camí del Serení we come across the Salafranca tower. This noble construction, erected in the 16th century, formed part of the system of towers that provided surveillance and protection for the inhabitants of this enclave at the end of the Renaissance and throughout the Modern Age, a period in which the Camp d'Alacant was frequently attacked by pirates. As usual, the tower is part of a dwelling. Fortunately, the dwelling is still inhabited, which has allowed the ensemble to remain in a good state of conservation.

Bonanza Tower

Next to the source of the Lloixa path we find this noble construction from the 16th century. Lloixa was a medieval enclave mentioned in ancient documents as early as 1300. If the estate is located in a mythical enclave, no less legendary is the family that inhabits it, the Pascual de Bonanza, hence the name of the tower that still preserves the family coat of arms. It has been declared an Asset of Cultural Interest, along with the rest of the defensive towers in the Huerta.

La Cadena Tower

Built in the 17th century, it was the residence of the Counts of Casa-Rojas. It is located on Pintor Pérez Gil Avenue, a busy road connecting the road network with the Sant Joan University Campus, the clinical hospital and the residential neighbourhoods of the beaches. But this road was built in the first half of the 2000s. Until then, south of La Cadena there was only an old road surrounded by orchards that stretched as far as the neighbouring tower of Soto, home of the lords of Soto Ameno.

Ansaldo Tower

In the district of Fabraquer Nord, next to the Luis García Berlanga secondary school, we find the remains of what used to be the Ansaldo Estate. Once a prosperous and fertile enclave, it has now fallen into oblivion. At the end of the 15th century, its defensive tower was erected, being one of the oldest surviving orchard towers in Sant Joan. Later, in the 16th and 17th centuries, various residential, agricultural and religious buildings were constructed. The estate belonged to the famous Ansaldo family, originally from Genoa, who settled permanently in Alicante in the mid-17th century.