Finca San Eduardo or Lampa

San Eduardo presents a very sober composition, with an arrangement of regular openings on the main façade, facing east. On that façade there are three small balconies with stone overhangs and square wrought iron railings. The top of the façade is crowned by a cornice with moldings on which the channel rests. On the north side, we observe the presence of the tower while on the south side, there is a terrace on the bedroom floor. The three-sided roof finished in curved tiles stands out. The west façade faces a path that separates the Palmeretes estate.

Finca San Eduardo marks the end of the Camino de Palmeretes. Following the same path along the Campet road, you crossed the fields and the Cuatre Camins enclave until you reached the beach. Historically, both roads, along with what is now Secretary Basilio Sala Street, had a single nickname, the Camí de la Alquería del Canonge, which extended to the Ansaldo farm. The path is still usable today thanks to a pedestrian walkway that crosses the national highway. The conversion of the N-332 into an urban avenue, Miguel Hernández Avenue, is planned, which will involve the elimination of walkways and the creation of appropriate crossings for pedestrians and cyclists, as well as a comprehensive improvement of the road’s image. When the reform is addressed, the link between Sant Joan and Fabraquer Sur will be re-sewn. With this, Sant Joan d’Alacant will recover its relationship with its old countryside and with what was once its beach.