San Antonio or El del Pró

The San Antonio or El del Pró home is residential type, occupies a slightly rectangular floor plan and has a very compact volume. On the ground floor, the hall with two bays stands out, connected to each other by an opening formed by a huge ashlar arch. To this room would open the different specific rooms intended for the development of agricultural life such as the stables and the winery, located at the back and currently converted into a warehouse.

As for the upper floor, it develops around the lobby and would house the rooms for public and private life such as the lounges located above the wine cellar, the bedrooms and a small chapel where Saint Rita was venerated. There is a tradition of going to visit the saint on her name day, May 22.

The main façade of this construction faces west and you can see the renovations carried out during the 19th century, highlighting the fencing of the openings, the carpentry and the locksmithing of the balconies.

In addition, we must mention the locksmiths on the rear facades since due to their formal characteristics they can be dated to the 18th century; and, the terracotta vestibule flooring is the original. Finally, there is a patio delimited parallel to the main façade where some pine trees stand out, of great interest both for their size and their age.